Outdoor Lighting Application
    ●The company won the 2013 Aurora Award for
    Best LED Security Light Award.2013.09.27
  Indoor Lighting Application
    ●The company’s lighting brand, SWEEO, is
    expected to 16W LED Light Bulb .
    ●Laster Tech Login Emerging Stock Market on
   December 5, 2012 .
    ●The company’s lighting brand, SWEEO, is
   expected to 7W LED Light Bulb .
  Automobile Lighting Application
    ●The Company’s automotive brand (CHAR-DIN)
   collaborated with German automakers and will
   release the latest LED rear turn signal in Q4,
  ●The company will participate the 2015 Thailand
   International Lighting Exhibition in May 21th-24th .
   Thanks so much for everyone’s support.