LED T8 Batten Lamp

LED based Lighting

18W LED T8 Batten Tube (4ft)

  1. Polycarbonate cover, frost and clear type, high transparency, High CRI, low glare.
  2. Energy saving up to 60%.
  3. No radiation, low temperature, effective heat dissipation.
  4. Safe to install operate under low DC current.
  5. Low maintenance, easy to install.
  6. Mercury free, No UV and IR ray.
  7. Uses highest level Illuminance output, world class IP free LED.
18W LED T8 Batten Tube (4ft) PDF DOWNOAD (216 KB)

Type Size weight
T8-4ft L × D = 1190 × 36 mm 420 ± 20 g
Model No. Rated Power Input Voltage Color Temp. Lumens per Watt Color
LOM-T8W1812F8-B 18 W 100 ~ 240 V 3000 ± 500 K 90 lm/W Warm White
LOM-T8N1812F8-B 4000 ± 500 K 90 lm/W Neutral White
LOM-T8C1812F8-B 6000 ± 500 K 100 lm/W Cool White

1.Unit: mm
2.Tolerance: ± 1%
3.Follow-up of the product structure may be minor adjustments, will be published from time to time in the relevant website, without notice.
1.To substitute traditional florescent tube light (18W 120cm).
2.Warehouse, Shopping mall, School, Parking lot and Residence

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