Safety Lighting
30W Explosive proof Lamp

30W Explosive proof Lamp

Safety Lighting

  1. Up to 75% saving, dramatically reduce energy consumption and capable to replace 100W traditional crime prevention light
  2. Life>50000 hours with low maintenance cost and easy to install
  3. Aesthetic design, with advantages such as: compact and light weight, explosive proof, high durability, low maintenance cost.
  4. Suitable for mining, explosive gas environment like: petrochemical and Electric factory illumination
  5. LED Fixed Explosive Proof Light Consist of LED light engine, heat sink, reflector, PCB, connecter, explosive proof structure and glass.
30W Explosive proof Lamp PDF DOWNLOAD (568 KB)
Outline Dimensions 4~9m Illuminance Distribution Plot

1.Unit: mm
2.Tolerance: ± 1%
3.Follow-up of the product structure may be minor adjustments, will be published from time to time in the relevant website, without notice.
Model No : LD1-G000-2-030-CNIOOC00102-A
Input Voltage : AC 90~277V
Rated Power : 30 ± 10% W
Usable lumens : 1950 lm
Lumens per Watt : 65 lm/W
Color Temp. : 5000 K
CRI : Ra 70
Life time : ≧50000 hrs
Dimensions : Ø 150 x 130 x 180 mm
Weight : 2.0 ± 0.5 Kg
Water proof : IP 65
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