Solar Lighting

LOJ-S02 Solar Lighting

LOJ-S02 15W Solar Lighting

  1. Solar panel, battery,solar control system are combined together, easy for installation and maintenance.
  2. The angle of inclination for installation of solar panel can be 10 degree to 50 degree, meets the requirement in global Meantime, the calibration device ensure the same angle of installation.
  3. The new design of light distribution, deeply considering the vertical illumination when person walks on it, enlarge the vertical illumination area, make the illumination to be mare uniform.
  4. Optimize the software calculation of solar controller, increase the brightness of lamp, improve the the working time by 80%, extended the lifetime of battery by 1-3 years.
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Working Voltage : DC12 V
Continuously Raining Working Days : 3-8 day
Woking Time Per Day : 6-12 hour
Pole Height : 3 M
Solar Panel : 17V / 40W
Battery : 12V / 17AH
Controller :
Light Control. Time Control. Overvoltage.
Undervoltage. Shortcircuit.
Lighting Stroke Protection
Installation Pipe Diameter : Ø76 mm
Protection Grade : IP65
Weight : 20 Kg

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Distribution Plot


Solar Panel
Adjustable Angle
    Solar Panel         Solar Panel Bracket        Battery