The Dreams and Strengths of Future Car Lights

Laster Tech Automobile Introduction

LED Modules OEM / ODM Services

Laster Tech wholly owns the ShangHai factory and Dongwan factory, are both of which are important profit centers.Laster Tech is a T2 LED component company which supplies a T1 company which sends the finished product to car manufactures.

Laster tech provides LED Modules OEM/ODM services for below applications.

Laster Tech Automotive Applications
Automotive Exterior Lighting
(ODM and OEM)
•Tail lights
•Brake lights,3rd Brake
•Fog lights
•Turn signals
•Side markers
•Day time running lamps (DRL)

Great quality is key to successful branding-Our Zero-defect policies are constantly reviewing production line and development practice.Laster Tech’s deep investment in testing equipment also boosts our ability to troubleshoot efficiently and catch problems early. The Shanghai facilities also work very closely with our Japanese T1 companies,sharing production line technology and constantly upgrading and improving.
Inline Module Inspection Equipments
•Tin thickness measurement
•SMT components soldering strength test equipment

•Clinch joint pull force / thickness test

•Inline circuit check
•CCD tester for each LED’s brightness, LED uniformity, LED color and current
•LT’s special technical for white LED color temperature inspection
Laster Tech Automotive Applications

Laster Tech Automotive Module
Laster Tech Automotive Quality System Certificate