Street Lighting
LED Street Lamp

60W Street Lamp

Street Lighting ─ Flat Type

  1. Energy: save up to 70%.
  2. Life: Low cost maintenance, life>50000 hours.
  3. Protection : IP65, waterproof, dust proof, anode surface treatment, anti corrosive.
  4. Power: Adopt world class PHILIPS power supply, which can sustain extreme cold/hot working environment.
  5. Light engine: adopt IP free world class HB LED with best quality of high Illuminance, high CRI and uniformed light distribution to achieve highest efficiency and stability.
  6. Optical: series of owned IP for each individual photometric design to comply with various industrial scenarios
  7. Heat Sink: Aluminum extrusion to improve heat dissipation.
  8. Intelligence Control:Prepared for communication port to accomplish secondary energy saving.
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Outline Dimensions 5~10m Illuminance Distribution Plot

1.Unit: mm
2.Tolerance: ± 1%
3.Follow-up of the product structure may be minor adjustments, will be published from time to time in the relevant website, without notice.
Model No : L12-LA.A-1-060-RNIPPX04265-A
Input Voltage : AC 120~277 V
Rated Power : 60 ±10% W
Usable lumens : ≧6300 lm
Lumens per Watt : ≧105 lm/W
Color Temp. : 4000 - 6500 K
Life time : ≧50000 hrs
Dimensions : 394 ×285 ×117 mm
Weight : 7.8 ± 0.2 Kg