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Future Vision

Future Vision

Laster Tech Co., Ltd. produces mostly high-brightness LED application products. By constructing cutting-edge R&D capacity, Laster Tech is actively dedicated to new LED product lines. And through strategic alliance and upstream/midstream/downstream integration, we significantly enhance product application in terms of quality and quantity.

With the improvement of brightness, LED has been extensively applied to consumer electronics, signals, communication, information industry, automobile industry, general lighting, etc., while white LED is even regarded as the latest next generation technology.

This company has rich experiences in packaging LED components, assembling modules, and developing and producing complete luminaries. Different from the services provided by ordinary LED packaging factories and assembly plants, we can effectively offer the necessary design solutions for current Tier 1 automotive lighting manufacturers wanting to transform from traditional lamps to LED lamps.

In future, this company plans to focus on indoor/outdoor lighting research, automotive lighting, and integrating thermo management, electrical scheme, mechanical refinement, and optical optimization in hope of manufacturing products that better suit the needs of people's lifestyle.
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