LED Down Light

20W Down Light (6”)

Indoor Commercial Lighting

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Model No LOM-DLCA20F8-6 LOM-DLWA20F8-6
Input Voltage AC100-240V AC100-240V
Rated Power 20W±10% 20W±10%
Total Lumens 1700lm 1500lm
Lumens Efficiency 85 lm/W 75 lm/W
Color Temp. 6000±500K 3000±500K
CRI Ra80 Ra80
Operating Temp. -25℃~40℃ -25℃~40℃
Power Factor >0.9 >0.9
Life Time ≧ 40000 hrs ≧ 40000 hrs
Beam angle 100° 100°
Dimensions 170(D) *42.6 (H) mm 170(D) *42.6 (H) mm
Weight(With Power Supply) 170±20 g 170±20 g

1.The tolerance of luminous flux is ±10%.
2. The dimension tolerance is ±5mm.
3.Laster Tech Co., LTD. All rights reserved. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

LDiegshctr Dipitsitornib ution Curve:

Installation Instruction:

1.Don’t expose this luminaire at the high temperature and high humidity environment.
2.Don’t connect this luminaire to the higher voltage than maximum input voltage as specification, otherwise the diver will be damaged. The maximum input voltage for AC100~265V/50~60Hz
3.After opening the box, check inside all the accessories that need to be set up.
4.Any material used to fix and support the lighting should be strong and non to ensure safety.
5.When installing the lighting, please make sure the safety space above the lighting up to the ceiling.
(The suggested minimum distance is 35cm.) Keep the lighting away from any flammable items and make
Sure the ventilation is good.
6.Start the installation or maintenance only after disconnecting the power.
7.To ensure safety, the installation is suggested to be done by professional technicians.

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