High Bay Lighting
A Type-Embedded Type

LOY-LBE-80W LED Gas Station Light

Heavy Industry Lighting

1.Energy:save up to 60%

2.Life:Low cost maintenance, life>40000 hours.


   ●Unique and modular design, low weight


   ●Meanwell driver

   ●High light efficiency up to 110 lm/w


   ●Workshops ●Stadiums ●Factory ●Exibition halls

   ●Supermarkets ●Warehouses
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Outline Dimensions
● The to lerance of luminous Efficiency ± 10% ● The dimension tolerance is ± 2%, Unit: mm
● All parameters of products are based on the measurement of Laster Teach laboratory
● Follow-up of the product structure may be minor adjustments, will be published from time to time in the relevant website, without notice.
● 6.xx:The product installation type, A type: Embedded ,B type: Ceiling, C type: Pole
Model No. LOF-YZDCS80F7-xx LOF-YZDCS80F7-xx LOF-YZDWS80F7-xx
Input Voltage AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated Power 80±10%(W)
Lumens Flux 8800 lm 8000 lm 7200 lm
Lumens Efficiency 110 lm/W 100 lm/W 90 lm/W
Color Temp. 6000 K 4000 K 3000 K
CRI Ra>70 Ra>70 Ra>70
Operating Temp. -25℃~40℃ -25℃~40℃ -25℃~40℃
Power Factor >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
Life Time ≧ 40000 hrs ≧ 40000 hrs ≧ 40000 hrs
Beam angle 60°,90°,120° 60°,90°,120° 60°,90°,120°
Dimensions 343 *343*140 mm 343 *343*140 mm 343 *343*140 mm
Weight 9.5±1.5 kg 9.5±1.5 kg 9.5±1.5 kg
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